Mighty Mukuru Wanderers FC


Head Coach Mark Harrison has spoken to Wanderers Media ahead of super league clash against Mighty Tigers FC at Mpira Stadium on Sunday.

Addressing the club media after the final training on Saturday, Harrison said his charges are ready to maintain the momentum come Sunday and he is optimistic of positive result.

Said Harrison, “we have a long way to go. The players must understand that we have done nothing this far. We have 27 games remaining in the campaign and I have told the boys not to be complacent but focus on every game ahead. We are treating every game with respect, no matter which club we are playing”.

*On Tigers Manager’s sentiments that they will beat the Nomads on Sunday:*

“Everyone has their own opinion. History means nothing, it’s about what happens on Sunday. We are going to Mpira Stadium to do our job and that’s what matters to me. I will not be swayed into shouting from my mouth that we will win this, we will win that. Our focus is to bring a positive result and that’s what I have told the boys”

*On comments that the team is playing too much of back passes and football of containment*

“Am trying to bring a different mentality and philosophy to the game. I am bringing a European model to the team and it will take time to adapt. Unfortunately the football fraternity want us to still live in the old dark ages but this is the modern era in football and we have to work to get the results we need. It’s not going to be easy especially for the players because they are being asked to do things they have never done before, nevertheless am proud of them and how they are adapting. It’s not just about hoofing the ball and see if they can have a chance to score a goal, that’s not my style of play”.

Harrison has also provided update on injuries. “We have no more new injuries in the camp. Isaac (Kaliati) and Alfred (Manyozo Jnr) are back in training but I will not risk either of them for selection on Sunday, may be next week” added Harrison.

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