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Mighty Mukuru Wanderers traveled to Mchinji to play a friendly game against Mkanda FC at Dimba Stadium on Saturday 09 July, 2022.

With some key players namely Chiukepo Msowoya, Stanley Sanudi and Yamikani Chester in South Africa with the National Team, Wanderers made notable changes in the first 11.

Felix Zulu, Wisdom Mpinganjira, Bongani Kaipa, Francis Mlimbika and Cholopi made it in the first 11.

Felix Zulu led the team at the captain.

Wanderers started the game on a high note searching for an early goal. Vitumbiko Kumwenda, Wisdom Mpinganjira and Misheck Botoman pressed Mkanda FC hard with accurate passes and pace. Mkanda FC did not seem a real scare to Wanderers despite playing at their backyard.

On the 11th minute Wanderers efforts finally yielded results as a well-taken left footed shot from Isaac Kaliati went into the net leaving Mkanda FC keeper looking hopeless.

Mighty Mukuru Wanderers continued to dominate the game especially on the midfield.

After half an hour, a good run by Wisdom Mpinganjira set Misheck Botoman who made no mistake but to put the ball at the back of the to make it 2-0 to the visitors.

This disturbed the host as they let Wanderers enjoy possession with Vitumbiko Kumwenda controlling the midfield.

3 minutes before half time, there was a miscommunication at the back of Mkanda FC and Wisdom Mpinganjira utilized it by putting a powerful shot into the net making it 3-0 to the visitors.

Mkanda FC managed only one shot on target in the first half.

0-3 it ended in the first half.

Misheck Botoman who was not feeling well towards the end of first half was substituted for Ephraim Kondowe at half time.

In the second half, Mighty Mukuru Wanderers substituted Balikinho, Bongani Kaipa, Francis Mlimbika, Thole and Cholopi for Mapira, Adeleke, Mugala, Josephy Balakasi and Jr Manyozo.

5 minutes into the second half, Francis Mlimbika released what can be described as a “Rocket Shot” just outside the 18-yard boss into the far corner of the net to make it 4-0 to Wanderers.

There was nothing to write about Mkanda FC despite the team showing some resilience and courage.

In the 58th minute, the Mkanda FC keeper was trying to clear the ball away but made a blunder and ended up gifting Ephraim Kondowe an easy goal to make it 5-0. Putting the nail on the coffin.

Wanderers enjoyed possession ans played beautiful soccer with Wisdom Mpinganjira producing a man of the match performance.

It ended 5-0 in favour of Wanderers.


William thole
Bongani kaipa
Francis mlimbika
Peter cholopi
Balikinho mwakanyango
Felix zulu
Isaac kaliati
Vitumbiko kumwenda
Wisdom mpinganjira
Misheck botoman
Vincent nyangulu

Richard chipuwa
Pilirani mapira
Adeleke kolawole
Josephy balakasi
Miracle gabeya
Lloyd mugala
Francis mkonda
Aubrey maloya
Ephraim kondowe
Alfred manyozo

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