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Mark Simon Harrison speaks his mind on the status of Karonga Stadium, injury update on Gabeya and his mission Karonga.

On the possibility of getting three points on Saturday

Look, people have asked me if it’s about revenge, no it’s not! That’s history, we can’t change that result. It’s about three points tomorrow [Saturday], that’s all it is. We are here, we have got to achieve three points if we can, it would be a worthwhile trip. I have told the players that if we don’t come back with the result tomorrow [Saturday] then what we did in Mzuzu was a waste of time. We need now to bring some consistency to our results and start picking the points as we move along.

On the status of Karonga Stadium

This pitch is another shocker! [sniggers]. I am not sure which is the worst now, I thought Mzuzu was the worst, but this is awful. It looks like on the left hand side goal there, the cows were grazing on the field this morning because it is absolutely looks churned up. I don’t know what’s going on here, it’s crazy. They can’t even cut the grass. Some of the grass here is like 30cms long. It’s in a shocking state. FAM they went to visit Civil, they went to visit Mzuzu but I don’t think they could get this far north. If they had, they could ban this ground as well because it is in a miserable state, miserable! I don’t know whether the game goes forward, if you are looking to improve your national team and improve your super league, your infrastructure needs to be much better than this. This is not conducive to improving the game. Players can not develop when playing on this tough surface, it’s impossible! It’s a leveller! I mean you can have the best players coming here to play; well number one they will refuse to play that’s for sure because they will figure out being injured. The second, they can’t do what they can do on the fields in the rest of the world. Somewhere along the line, you have to draw a line and say ok, may be we have to make sure that all the teams play at certain stadiums across the country or reduce the size of the league because this is not conducive. It is really poor, really poor. I don’t want to sound negative and derogatory but I mean if you ask me the honest questions I can not lie. You know I have been around the world coaching and playing my whole life and some of these pitches here now I have got to say are the worst I have seen, they are not good.

On the condition of Miracle Gabeya who limped off against Ekwendeni on Wednesday

Yeah I think he is 50-50, whether he starts tomorrow [Saturday] I am not sure yet. We will have to wait and see how he is. He has another fitness test now with the doctor and we will assess him again in the morning. So I don’t know, we will have to see if he recovers in time but I think at the moment, he is possibly a doubt.

Fourth placed Chitipa United welcomes Mighty Mukuru Wanderers FC on Saturday afternoon at Karonga Stadium in what promises to be a cracker of the weekend. The Lali Lubani Boys could go top of the table on Saturday should they collect maximum points against the northern region based outfit. Both sides have 32 points from 17 games and they are 2 points adrift of league leaders FCB Nyasa Big Bullets FC. Referee Misheck Juba is excellent expected to officiate the game.


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