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Mighty Mukuru Wanderers FC Head Coach, Mark Harrison has reacted with disappointment, his side’s failure to collect maximum points over fourteenth placed Red Lions FC at Kamuzu Stadium on Wednesday. Harrison spoke to the Media after the Nomads were held to a one all draw.

On his analysis of the match

Unbelievable! That’s my description of the game; unbelievable! We had 80 % possession, we have come to the near half for 85 minutes. We created probably ten to fifteen goal chances and we can’t just put the ball into the net. I can’t just catch my breath. We gave them a stupid goal in the first five minutes, after that they were no near our goal. We created and created so many chances, it’s so frustrating I tell you. It’s impossible! We can’t keep missing these chances game after game.

On the need to sign a new striker

It’s not the striker, let’s be honest. Who missed the chances today? Probably all the front five missed the chances today. Everybody is responsible, it’s not just one guy. And the chances we are missing are not difficult chances. Some are just tap-ins, head-ins whatever, you know? It’s ridiculously frustrating. We drop points against teams we have hammered off the field, it’s disappointing.

On what needs to be done next

Try to get 35 points in the next games and win the league, simple!

Following the draw, the Nomads now have 29 points from 16 games and lie fourth in the standings. The Lali Lubani Boys will now shift their focus to FDH Bank Cup quarterfinals as they welcome Santhe Admarc on Saturday at Kamuzu Stadium.


16 thoughts on “I AM FRUSTRATED – HARRISON”

      1. Sometime it needs serious and extra effort to the players.its not all comes from the coach, finishing, pressing the ball into the net it’s only happens to those who are really serious who has winning spirit

  1. We will not achieve anything with this coach. Too many excuses yet we have one of, if not the best squad in the league.

  2. To be honest, firstly I gonna put a blame on the expatriate bcoz there’s no way he can field players yet he knew The Soldiers play a physical geme, it was time for the likes of Balikinho, Chiukepo. Secondly the fielding of players in unfamiliar positions, according to my observation Sanudi is playing deep as a holding midfielder, I don’t understand the system he is using, we r not aggressive & offensive when attacking, Kaliati& Wisdom are not playing their usual salivating football because of the tasks they are given to play as wing backs.Lastly he z taking time to make substitutions. To the players they are lacking a Fighting spirit which Wanderers had in the past, I can mention of JK, KIKA, Allan Kamanga they were crying if the team is loosing, I watched the game in Dwangwa in 2002 we were trailing by a goal to nil at half, they reached the point of refusing to go to the dressing room, after that come the second half we won 1-2 Bob&Sherry scored,. If these players can smilate the spirit we can grab the championship, but the play is like that we better forget to win something

  3. What couch said is automatically true from deep bottom of my heart. Am true supporter of this team, there is nothing we can say about prayers, our prayers are not taking every game sirius, do they expect Harrison to score a goal while he is on toach line? I as asupporter am not happy with this results.i spend almost 15,000 to watch the game but am so disappointed with the result,. Tell the boys the must be fist and last game to make draw and loss.

  4. This problem of missing chances what have he done?, cos this is the third time complaining of thi issue

  5. We need a good left back so that Widzy can be released as an atticking winger. But also there is need to sign a defending midfielder (Davie Chikaonda from reserve side in my mind) so that Sanudi should drop back to his usual position

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