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Mighty Mukuru Wanderers FC Head Coach has taken a swipe at his charges for missing opportunities, a development that is costing progress for his side. Speaking to the media after the final whistle at Kamuzu Stadium, Mark Harrison expressed concern with the continued wastefulness on the part of his troops. Said Harrison, “It is the same story every week, we should have been two or three up at half time but we are missing opportunity after opportunity every game. Its an issue of individuals on the field, look today we gave out a silly penalty and we can’t convert goals when we have the chance, a development that gives us pressure and keeps opponents alive in game”.

Asked if the performance is jeopardizing the Nomads’ quest to win the league, the Nomads tactician was quick not to throw in the towel. “It’s not ideal, we have to play Bullets next week and we have to beat them, we have Silver in the next two weeks and we have to beat them too in order to close the gap,” remarked Harrison.

The Nomads were forced to a one-all draw by the eleventh placed Dedza Dynamos FC at Kamuzu Stadium on Sunday. The result has kept Wanderers FC in third and increased the Nomads’ tally to 18 points, 6 adrift of league leaders Silver Strikers FC.



  1. Awa atichedwesa si zampira coach wa mzeru sangachotse left Back wabwino ngati Balakasi then mkumamenesako Mpinganjira oti amapanga attack mkumapereka ma cross mu Box kukana ku musaina Chester zoona Awa mungotaya nawo ndalama za ulere sure ganizani bwino ndi play ya Harrison kulira ndi daily

  2. Coach is not a problem for me,, players then self must put all infort at the ground,,am also a aplayer and I know what a football is ,the Coach can teach as all corners of scoring a goal but we choose to do needfuness mistake.

  3. One thing u should be douting about bullets u ll beated with the red army okay.next week u shall be in position 7 mark my words

  4. Uyu azipita akutionongera mpira.mpira wokoma womwe imasewera noma kale watha ngt boza eshi ????????????..

  5. Our team needs prayers only,, it seems like players are trying their level best but there is something wrong inside.

  6. I don’t think Harrison is a good coach chifukwa coach wa bwino amayenela kusitha game ngati pena ndi pena sipali bwino for example kumwembe anamutulukila ndipo amamakidwa kwa mbiri zimene pena zimapangitsa kuti ku puleyayo asapezenso mwayi wa chigoli ndiye zimafunika kusitha chithu china chachikulu akumakhulupilira player aliyense kuti ali bwino even atawona kuti salibwino akumapezeka kuti akusewelabe maganizo omutulutsa sakumakhala nawo ndiye chiganizo chositha osewera nthawi zonse chikumabwera mu 75,78,80 minutes yet team sikuchita bwino chochedwera kusitha osewera ground ndi chani

    Chithu china noma kuyambila kale chimavuta ndi utsogoleri wina aliyense amafuna adziyitenga noma ngati ndi yake chifukwa chakuti akhalitsako zotsatila zake zimapezeka kuti akulu akuluwo amakhala ndi ma players amene amafuna adzisewera game ina iliyonse izi zimapangitsa kuti team isamachite bwino.

    Team ya noma sithanso kupanga player rotation look bullets and silver akumapanga tactics imeneyo izi zimathandiza kuti player aliyense akhale wa bwino chifukwa amakhala ndi game time apart from that ma team ena zimavuta kuyiwelenga team yoteroyo chifukwa amadziwa kuti team iyo player aliyense ndi bwino komanso zimathandiza kuti ma players asatope nsanga come to second round ma players aja amakhalabe kuti akadali ndi mphamvu chifukwa cha rotation ija imathandizila kuti ma players ena adzipumako.

    Ndiye kwa ine Mark Harrison siwabwino kupanga ziganizo mu nthawi yoyenelera zikumuvuta kwa mbiri chifukwa cha chimenecho team singawine league kapena cup tiyiwale zimenezo

  7. I think coach is not a problem to me, but the players, they do not have composure bas aliyense alindi phuma kukhala ngt siakuluakulu
    Plz ma you should us masapota tikunyozekat makwaalalamu

  8. team cant score more goals if they field one striker upfront. lets put kumwembe and botomani/ nyangulu up front. Manyozo is too old at the center , lets use fresh legs . team should use natural left back. all the players who are failing to compete for position lets fire them. we need agressive players to score goal not to concede goals .

  9. The coach is good but the players are playing un skilled football….They don’t know what they are doing and more over Alfred Manyozo yes he plays good but he should take a rest now… Your leaving Nyangulu,for the why? huh let’s improve and you have to start using 2023 season jerseys aaaah mwinaso ndichimene chikutipatsa minyama???????? i do watch every game of noma from here India , Chandigarh

  10. I blamed him coz he failed to change the game when he had a chance to .. Kumasintha ma players at 87 minutes zoona as if amatsogola 3-0???
    Why is Manyozo playing for 90′,?? He’s aging , he needs to be making space for his successor ..
    And where is Vitu , ?? Bet , put Vitu in the first 11 and we can be singing another song , …

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