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Blantyre Derby Its more than just a game.

Two days a season, at least, Malawi comes to a standstill.

Today is a day when the country, when family, colleagues, friends are divided by colour. Days when you choose your allegiance to blue and white or red and white. Days that dawn on the Blantyre Derby.

It’s a day when all over Malawi people identify themselves as Manoma or Maule.

On the field teams battle for victory and bragging rights. But it’s more than that. It’s about the stands awash with colour. It’s about the noise and the carnival and the riot of costumes. It’s about the dislike between the teams and the lack of aggression and creativity of the fans.

The Blantyre Derby is one of the biggest, most passionately supported football derbies in the world. The quality of the football may wax and wane, but it remains one of the few games where there remains no need for opposition fans to be separated.

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