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Mighty Mukuru Wanderers FC Head Coach, Mark Harrison has spoken for the first time since Football Association of Malawi (FAM)’s Competitions and Referees Committees released verdicts in the aftermath of the controversial Airtel Top 8 clash between Silver Strikers FC and Mighty Mukuru Wanderers FC at Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe.

Speaking to Wanderers Media prior to Extreme FC game, Harrison faulted the determination by FAM describing it as shrewd and a shambles. Said Harrison, “Am I happy with the verdict? No! I am happy with the fact that he [referee] has been suspended. He should be because he made a mistake. But the verdict from FAM is a shambles, it’s shrewd. They got to address the situation. We have been cheated of a result there. A decision he made on the filed was an absolute joke. Everybody knew it in the stadium but he has got a way with it. Silver have got a way with it, FAM have got a way with it. We have been punished, he has been punished. How do we get punished? It’s wrong! We shouldn’t be punished for that. Yes they can say the game was abandoned. But at the end of the day, at 92 minutes it was 1-1 and the referee’s decision changed the result”.

The Briton is of the view that what FAM needs to find out is what was the intent of the referee in blowing the whistle. “The question that must be asked in my opinion is that was the decision deliberate or not? Was there an intent? That’s what the inquiry should be about and not about did he make a mistake? Yes he made a mistake, everybody knows that but the inquiry should be why did he make that mistake, was there an intent?”, Wondered Harrison.

The Nomads were found to be on the wrong side of the law by the country’s FA, an outcome which the Lali Lubani outfit has appealed.


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